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Price 4500₽ - 7000
Basic attributes

Soft dolls

Reborn Doll Zara (article 0075)
7,000.00₽6,500.00₽ Ex Tax: 6,500.00₽

Height: about 60 cm. Weight: about 1.6 kg. Reborn doll factory-made with a cotton body (padded) and soft vinyl silicone limbs. It is impossible to bathe such a doll. A doll can sit and lie, its head, arms and legs spinning. The doll is made from environmentally friendly and safe materials. Hand-painted with acrylic paints (do not fade with time). Hair: a wig of silky hair that allows you to do hair. Gender: Girl. Open eyes, the doll does not blink. Included: magnetic nipple, birth certificate (not filled, you can enter any name), a doll in clothes as in the photos. ..

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A rib with a soft-bodied little body is practically no different from fully silicone babies, except that its body is made of soft matter. The soft-haired baby Reborn can sit, lie down, her arms and legs move, but she cannot stand. The body of the soft Reborn is stuffed with a holofiber - it is an environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergic reactions, it is completely safe, does not fall down, and does not change its shape.

Reborn hair dolls can be of two types: mohair or wig. Both options are made of high quality materials.

Dolls with mohair hair look like real babies who have not yet grown thick and strong hair. Mohair bunches are sewn into the doll's head, due to this the hairs are held tightly. If the doll has thick and shiny hair, then it is a wig, high quality glued to the head of the doll. Girls especially love to make doll hair out of such hair.

Reborn dolls are not desirable to bathe. You can wash them separately pens, legs and face. After water procedures, the doll must be dried with a towel, paying special attention to hair: gently combing, holding at the roots, and lay.

If the baby spends a lot of time on his hands or in a stroller, he must wear a hat so that his hair does not fall down.

Soft Reuburn babies also have distinctive anatomical features, and Reborn's arms and legs are rotated like ordinary dolls. In general, the material from which the doll is made can be described as soft vinyl. Vinyl easily absorbs various kinds of paint, so when in contact with a doll, your hands should be clean. Stains from the body of the dolls must be removed with a wet wipe or mild laundry detergent, in no case be exposed to strong chemicals! You should also not pull the baby's hair and cilia, leave it near the battery, in direct sunlight and in severe frost! For babies reborn is needed the same care as for a real child!

 All dolls sold by us undergo strict quality control, they are certified and safe for your health and the health of your children!